4M FOODS is committed to improving working conditions in a global, more ethical supply chain. Our strong values, rich heritage, and clear vision for a safe and sustainable future guide us in our work to contribute to the global effort of providing sustenance for a growing population.

Giving Back

We take pride in supporting local and internationally based charitable organizations and are devoted to our employees and their communities.

Organic Plantation

We, 4M FOODS international support Organic plantation according to USDA

The Organic process is environmentally conscious and promotes biodiversity an greater soil fertility. It ensures that all ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, GMO, ionizing radiation or detrimental herbicides like glyphosate.

We are committed to nurturing the world responsibly; minimizethe impact on the environment; improve the lives of the communities where we invest and produce.

4M FOODS Supporting Fund

At 4M FOODS, we deeply value the concept of family. Our commitment extends beyond just the social welfare of our employees; we also focus on supporting their extended families.

This support encompasses not only the parents of our employees but also their more distant relatives, including aunts, uncles, cousins, and others. To this end, we have established a fund to assist the extended family members of our employees during times of natural disasters or medical emergencies.

Talent Nurturing Scholarship Fund

Advanced education is fundamental to continued growth and success. We work closely with local schools, and universities to identify students in Vietnam who are eligible for placement in acclaimed universities but need financial support to attend.

4M FOODS provides financial aid to these students as well as career counseling, aiming to nurture knowledge for future generations.  

Employee Program

We are committed to actively providing a variety of activities and programs aimed at enhancing the mental and physical health of our employees, while also strengthening motivation, engagement, and connection within our company. These initiatives include:

1. Sporting activities such as badminton, swimming, football, volleyball, gym fitness, and table tennis everyday after working time.

2. Annual team-building events coinciding with the company's anniversary, featuring enjoyable activities and sports championship.

3. Pension fund and comprehensive health insurance coverage from premier hospitals, enable our employees to fully dedicate themselves to their careers with confidence and security.

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