About Us

With over 10 years of expertise in sourcing advantageous Vietnamese products, 4M Foods was founded to replicate this successful model in the food industry.

Our Vision

Be the global leading innovator of evolutionary food and beverages that add value to our community and support healthier living.

Our Values

We understand the important factors that businesses have to consider when buying food and ingredients. 4M has all the bases covered, from local presence, logistics to quality testing to ethics and sustainability.

Our values reinforce our commitment to delivering only the highest quality service and products to our clients.

Nutrition foods

Specializing in Food Innovation, Production, Sourcing, and Quality Assurance, 4M Foods is committed to a legacy of excellence and innovation. We combine our competitive sourcing and production capacities with reliable services, to transform the ideas of our customers into exceptional products.

Our Mission

Boasting a network of qualified food production facilities that stretch from the North to the South of Vietnam, and with access to abundant high-quality raw materials, we deeply understand customer demands, food trends, and innovation. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality products with unique profile typically from Vietnam.

1. We focus on healthy and organic foods with the following concepts.

  • No Refined Sugar
  • No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG Free)
  • No Food Coloring
  • No Food Additives
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • No-Cholesterol
  • High standard quality
Pho bo soup

2. We aim to use high quality, natural ingredients to offer great tasting, as well as healthier food and beverages, creating a unique experience of indulgence with innovative and better-for-you products, and providing refreshment and enjoyment perfectly harmonized with wellness and healthy lifestyle without any compromise in taste, quality.

3. Provide financial support, quality management guidance, food compliance assistance, production technology and optimization method to producers and farmers. This ensures stable output, sustainable cultivation and production, improving their quality of life.


About The Team

We Make It Happen.

It is through our dedicated teams’ efforts that we have elevated the level of product development and client satisfaction beyond what is traditionally seen in large-scale manufacturing operations. By integrating superior raw materials with cutting-edge technology, we offer swift market delivery, cost efficiency, and personalized customer service, all while maintaining a high level of accountability.

We honor our customers and employees every day, by treating them like who they are, important members of our extended family.

4m team

We have implemented numerous policies aimed at creating favorable conditions for our staff to enhance their capabilities, expand their opportunities for training and promotion, and provide comprehensive support both physically and mentally.

Our ultimate objective is to cultivate the optimal working environment for our employees.

We know our employees are our key success, our customers are kings, living in harmony with the Mother Nature is the crucial and sustainable success of the company.

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